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Tractor Outdoor announces the upcoming release of four new digital builds

August 16, 2019

With DOOH virtually on the verge of being “the” new media type, Tractor Outdoor has been working tirelessly on converting and building brand new roadside digital screens within Cape Town and Johannesburg.“The digital environment is constantly influenced by changing trends and global forces that define how we interact with our clients and respond to competition within our industry. Therefore the approach was to look at the sentiments towards DOOH and the digital transformation to see what future digitals or locations we had in the pipeline that we could convert or build. Thus the 4 new builds came into play namely Craighall, Peter Place, Upper Loop and M5 Garlandale all located in Cape Town and Johannesburg,” says Michael Brits, Development Manager at Tractor Outdoor.

Tractor selected key sites within their portfolio for digital conversion and other new sites have been selected based on location or through various client interaction discussions to determine where sites would be received well. Their digital sites are placed at key points, either focusing on mass urbanisation, entertainment or transportation routes. One of Tractor’s 2019 goals is the development and growth of their DOOH presence in the market and to be a leader in this space, and they are making strides achieving this.

DOOH worldwide has been increasing year on year, according to a global digital out of home advertising expenditure forecast by Statista based on a advertising market size from 2017 to 2027 they projected that there would be an increase of 6.7 billion in ad spend from 2019 to 15.9 billion in 2027. Source: Statista.

“As the trend for advertising is moving towards digitalisation we needed to adapt and Tractor has taken the charge in developing a national DOOH portfolio. The growth of digital is transforming the industry and the use of digital technology is positively impacting the nature of our work. With Tractors DOOH strategy we have improved our presence in the market and this has had a positive impact on our engagement with our clients,” says Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

four new digital builds
One of the biggest portrait digitals in Cape Town, located on Regent Road, Seapoint getting a facelift with a newly fitted digital screen earlier this week.

“With the ease to advertise it has opened various opportunities that previously may not have existed, this has only contributed positively to our business. The improved efficiency and ability to capture data has been a core focus in enabling Tractors DOOH growth, which is a real benefit to our value chain and company,” says Michael.

For more information about their current digital network deals (large and small formats) visit their website or alternatively email or call 0869990226.