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Best Coke Ever?

Best Coke Ever? S+A Introduction This is a best in class use of 3D creative in Digital OOH which includes product sampling to take this to the next level


BrandMapp S+A Introduction An introduction to BrandMapp consumer data and research for OOH READ MORE

Digital Futures

Digital Futures S+A Introduction An overview of the current and upcoming trends in Digital OOH READ MORE


OMC ROAD 2.0 S+A Introduction An update on the latest ROAD 2.0 data for measurement in OOH and terminology explanations READ MORE

The Commuter Chronicles

The Commuter Chronicles S+A Introduction Research into the transit system, the holding system of daily urban life and vital to urban mobility READ MORE

The Point of search

The Point of Search S+A Introduction A ground breaking 3 stage research study into mobile search behaviour and the importance for OOH READ MORE

Missing Kids

Missing Kids S+A Introduction A demonstration of the power of how digital OOH can be used an a “notice board” at scale for a critical need in communities

Coca-Cola Open Happiness

Coca-Cola Open Happiness S+A Introduction A heart warming piece of work showing not only how Digital OOH can be used for bespoke activations within Malls, but how digital OOH unlocks creativity through technology

Vaseline Dynamic

Vaseline Dynamic S+A Introduction A Digital OOH campaign showcasing the use of Dynamic Digital OOH with weather triggers used to activate specific creative messages.

Doohclick & Tractor Outdoor

Doohclick & Tractor Outdoor S+A Introduction How to drive success in Digital OOH through technology and platform partners READ HERE