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Bridging the Gap: Extending DOOH’s Reach into South Africa’s Rural Heartlands

Roberta Gumede

Marketing Director


Roberta Gumede

3 April . 3 min read . Opinion

In the vast expanse of South Africa, access to healthcare remains a formidable challenge, particularly within remote communities. The disparity between urban and rural healthcare services is stark, with many South Africans in distant areas devoid of basic medical facilities. However, Lulame, a homegrown innovation has emerged, poised to bridge this divide while presenting an unparalleled opportunity for brand engagement.

Lulame, is a pioneering South African initiative reshaping healthcare delivery in inaccessible regions. Lulame’s modular medical compounds stand as beacons of hope, offering not just cutting-edge healthcare facilities but also a platform for profound brand interaction. These units, crafted to withstand the rugged South African terrain, are lifelines equipped with the latest medical technology and adaptable to diverse healthcare requirements.

In South Africa, the expansion of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is evident, yet it primarily illuminates the urban landscape, leaving the vast rural heartlands in the shadows of information and healthcare access. The digital age, mirroring global trends, is reshaping our communication channels, with DOOH growing from 170 screens in 2018 to 507 in 2023. However, this wave of digital progress washes mostly over city streets, seldom reaching the silent stretches of our rural expanse.

Herein lies the essence of Lulame: Rooted in a mission to heal, our initiative has naturally expanded its reach to encompass underrepresented areas, providing healthcare solutions alongside information and brand visibility. Lulame’s modular medical units are equipped with generators that power not only the healthcare technology but also the digital screens. These provide uninterrupted healthcare access and constant brand messaging, unaffected by the load-shedding challenges that frequently disrupt the DOOH industry.


Our journey began with a clear focus: to address the dire need for accessible healthcare in remote communities. But as Lulame’s footprint grew, so did our realization of the broader impact these units could have. They stand as platforms where continuous communication is not a luxury but a given, ensuring that vital health messages and brand narratives reach the heart of these communities, unaffected by the frequent power outages that plague these areas.

In the narrative of Lulame, brands find an unexpected ally. The rural landscapes, previously viewed as deserts of digital engagement, are now fertile ground for meaningful brand interaction.

Reflecting on the path ahead, I see a landscape where success is not measured by the flashiest display or the busiest intersection. Instead, it’s about creating connections that last, that make a difference, and that bring light to the overlooked corners of our nation. Lulame’s story is just beginning, but it’s a narrative rich with possibility, community, and the promise of a healthier, more informed South Africa.

As we continue to navigate this journey, we invite brands, communities, and healthcare providers to join us. Together, we can turn the untapped potential of rural DOOH into a network of hope, support, and engagement, ensuring that no community, no matter how remote, is left behind.

For partnership inquiries and to become a part of this transformative journey, please contact us.

Roberta is a seasoned strategist and marketer with diverse experience across Africa and expertise in bridging East and Africa through her command of Mandarin. Her role in Lulame, driven by a passion for technology, aims to advance Africa by solving critical challenges, especially in remote areas. Her strategy combines technology, community focus, and outstanding service to transform the healthcare industry.