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Co-creating Brand Moments with DOOHshare


Ruchelle Mouton

Head of Group Marketing

Tractor Media Holdings

 Ruchelle Mouton

 Ruchelle Mouton

28 August. 6 min read . Opinion

(Credit: Mischief Media)

In a world where grabbing audience’s attention is trickier than getting a cat into a bath, enter user-generated content (UGC) – the superhero of making brands relatable. UGC lets brands ditch the stiff talk and actually connect with people. Believe it or not, 79% of savvy shoppers say UGC sways their buying decisions, while a measly 13% give branded content the same respect.

But hold onto your hats, most UGC lives online. So, why not give it the VIP treatment in the real world?

Cue the spotlight for UGC driven Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. With a sprinkle of UGC magic, DOOH campaigns unlock that “Did you see that?!” factor. These campaigns aren’t just ads; they’re full-blown audience experiences that live in the real world, making your brand memorable long after the curtain closes. UGC is the superhero here too, boosting engagement and turning your audiences into campaign rockstars.

Introducing DOOHshare, a user generated platform powered by Mischief Media, a Tractor Media Holdings company. The shareable billboard platform that turns audiences into campaign co-pilots. This platform isn’t just another tool in the shed, DOOHshare takes the social vibes of online engagement and smashes it together with big, bold DOOH screens. Want a mind-blowing campaign? DOOHshare hands you the keys to ‘talkability’ town, where user-generated content struts its stuff and transforms regular digital screens into a wild showcase of real customer stories.

And here’s the cool bit: it all happens in real-time. The result? A blend of UGC engagement, dynamic DOOH, and real-time zing, cooking up campaigns that’ll make your brand the talk of the town. Through integration with Tractor Outdoor’s digital roadside billboards, it connects the digital world to the real world in a match made in branding heaven. Advertisers get a chance to weave personalised stories, gracing the big digital screens with eye-popping UGC visuals.

So, if you’re ready to spice up your DOOH game, crank up the UGC volume, and give your brand the attention it deserves, DOOHshare is your ticket to the big leagues. Don’t just show your brand – make it the headliner of the show!


From the initial spark of an idea to the final curtain call, the DOOHshare process is all about combining top-notch user experience with that brand magic. We make sure every touchpoint with your audience feels like a warm embrace. Once we’ve settled on the perfect concept, we dive into action mode. Using some clever user-generated tech, we create a custom mobisite tucked neatly behind a branded link. It’s not just about visuals – we infuse the brand’s narrative to keep the experience consistent and the messages crystal clear.

With the concept greenlit, a custom designed dynamic creative template comes to life, seamlessly updating with the latest user-generated snapshots. And then, the real magic begins – as soon as the campaign goes live, the floodgates open for people to share their content through the branded mobi-site. But don’t worry, we’ve got quality control covered – our dedicated team meticulously reviews each submission before it takes the stage.

Once it’s a thumbs-up from the experts, the content is placed in a secure content library, ready to shine on the campaign billboards at precisely the right moment. And as an added bonus – content creators receive a personalized email featuring their very own custom billboard snapshot. It’s like an exclusive peek behind the scenes, ready to be shared with the world on social platforms.

But wait, there’s more! That image isn’t just a picture – it’s a gateway to a URL chock-full of insightful campaign details. And the best part? We’re tracking those click-throughs, so you’ve got the data to back up your campaign success.

So, from concept to execution, the DOOHshare journey is all about making things seamless, engaging, and true to your brand.

View the walkthrough process video here:


Step into the world of Brutal Fruit, a brand that cheers for the women and celebrate them in all their glory. For the Brutal Fruit #YouBelongToCelebrate campaign – a campaign centred around setting a stage for women to lift each other up celebrating those victories that often fly under the radar – DOOHshare was utilised as a social extension strategy.

  • The concept

The idea; to create a “twitter like execution” where shoutouts could be sent to gain a higher level of recognition to share with the world.

  • The implementation

As an extension to the #YouBelongToCelebrate campaign Brutal Fruit implemented the DOOHshare platform to further push this campaign via their social media channels and drive engagement. By visiting a branded Brutal Fruit mobisite, consumers could choose between 23 billboards across the country to create a personalised shoutout to one of their girls. The DOOHshare platform automatically activated their message onto a live billboard. They then received their image via email to share on social media tagging friends and using the hashtag #YouBelongToCelebrate.

  • The results

The campaign unleashed a wildfire of interaction on social media and engagement skyrockets by a whopping 28%. And while online channels were buzzing and turning heads, the billboards were painting the town Brutal Fruit. 566 submissions flooded in, and those shouts echoed across 1 million+ unique views, painting the town with a staggering 9.7 million impressions. It’s like a double whammy – online buzz and brand recognition on a national scale.


So, you’ve got your sights set on a smashing DOOH campaign, right? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got some creative ideas that’ll turn heads and give your DOOHshare game a real boost:

  • Social Media Showdown:

Time to ignite the excitement with a social media contest that’s hotter than a summer barbecue. Challenge your audience to whip up content that’s all about your brand or campaign. Whether it’s captivating photos, snappy videos, or heartwarming stories, have them share using a unique hashtag. Then, watch the content pour in and showcase the cream of the crop on your DOOH displays for everyone to appreciate.

  • Hashtag Havoc:

Think of a hashtag that’s like a catchy tune you just can’t get out of your head. Encourage folks to sprinkle it across their social media adventures. The best part? The coolest, quirkiest, and most creative posts get their well-deserved spotlight on your DOOH screens, making them the stars of the show.

  • User Stories that Shine:

Roll out the red carpet for your customers and let them share their shining moments. Whether it’s glowing testimonials, success stories, or heartfelt reviews, let these stories take center stage on your DOOH displays, adding a touch of trust and authenticity.

  • Product Showcase:

Give your fans the director’s chair and let them create snazzy videos showcasing your product’s best features. Think of it as a cinematic experience where your product gets to be the hero. These mini masterpieces deserve a spot on your DOOH screens for a well-deserved round of applause.

  • Local Legends Unite:

Celebrate the local love by encouraging your community to snap pics or videos featuring your brand alongside iconic landmarks. It’s like giving your brand a local superstar status. Showcase these visuals on high-traffic DOOH spots to create a sense of connection.

  • Epic Challenges Ahead:

Ready for some good old fun? Dream up creative challenges that’ll have your fans saying, “Game on!” From dance-offs to quirky feats, the sky’s the limit. Highlight the most entertaining entries on your DOOH screens for a good chuckle.

  • Artsy Exploration:

Invite artists and creators to showcase their talents by aligning their artwork with your campaign’s theme. Once you’ve handpicked the best pieces, feature them on your DOOH screens, turning your campaign into a unique art gallery.

  • Live, Interactive Sessions:

Get ready to captivate with live sessions or webinars that pack a punch. Capture the highlights and showcase them on your DOOH displays, giving your campaign a front-row seat at the main event.

  • Event Enthusiasm:

If there’s an event in the works, encourage attendees to capture and share the excitement. Feature these snapshots of joy on your DOOH screens, spreading the energy far and wide.

  • Poll Party Central:

Add an interactive twist with user-generated polls and surveys. Pose intriguing questions or spark discussions. Feature the results on your DOOH screens, inviting passersby to engage.

There you have it – a lineup of creative ways to make your DOOH campaign the talk of the town. By embracing user-generated content and displaying the magic on your DOOH screens, you’re not just advertising – you’re creating a memorable experience that’s hard to forget.

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Ruchelle is Head of Group Marketing and Services at Tractor Media Holdings where she is responsible for building data-led solutions that empower decision making for advertisers.

She is an experienced strategic marketer and Out of Home audience measurement expert with a strong foothold in data and analytics.

Ruchelle is passionate about driving the future of innovative and accountable audience measurement and the opportunity that technology affords to elevate the measurement capabilities of OOH.



Established over two decades ago, Tractor Outdoor is a national Out of Home (OOH) media owner, which specialises in connecting brands to consumers through its network of traditional and digital inventory, as well as its transit networks and ambient platforms. Tractor Outdoor owns one of the largest Digital OOH networks in South Africa and is a member of Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC), the Out of Home Media South Africa (OHMSA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB SA)