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DOOH: The Forecast Is Bright

Jonas Glad


Jonas Glad

Jonas Glad

May 29 . 3 min read . Opinion

Credit: Ocean Outdoor

The Gods weren’t smiling on the British Isles this month where the heavens opened as the nation crowned its new King and Queen. A gift for those swift footed OOH advertisers not running either a Royal motif or commemorative creative.

When better to sell a brolly, waterproofs, wellington boots or a patio heater to the sodden masses huddled for warmth over their Coronation quiches.

Regardless of where you are, the weather is one of the world’s biggest talking points.

It’s the first app most of us check. The weather affects how we feel, what we wear, what we do and what we buy, making the outdoor elements critical in targeting outdoor audiences when they are at their most responsive to your advertising message.

Of course, brands like Costa Coffee, Stella Artois and Diageo have been using weather activated campaigns to help consumers negotiate Britain’s notoriously unpredictable summer for the last 10 years or so.

One that sticks in the mind was an exclusive UK DOOH campaign for the iconic fruit cocktail Pimm’s which only activated once the mercury reaches a summery 21 degrees. That’s positively tropical for the British Isles of course.

(Credit: Ocean Outdoor)

Planned by Carat and Posterscope and starring a Pimm’s bottle and a fully loaded jug, “Best served with sunglasses” broadcasted local temperatures within the vicinity of each Ocean Outdoor OOH location, including variations either side of 21 degrees.

That was in 2015. Nowadays, deploying contextually relevant creative quickly is a less complicated process than it once was. It costs less too.

At DoohClick, we take the longitude and latitude for each screen location, collect the weather data from that location and, based on that criteria, trigger different content on each screen according to the local temperatures or conditions in the immediate location.

Everything is built into the ad network platform, which means if they want to, advertisers can attach and serve weather related content over their generic campaigns. It’s an upsell opportunity for media owners which is included within the DoohClick service so there’s no need to buy in any data sets.

Here’s how it works. The outdoor waterproof clothing brand Gore-Tex invited consumers in Sweden to Experience The Difference by serving four different commercials featuring four different jackets best suited to either the wind, rain, snow or sunshine. All the ads served during this campaign pivoted to reflect the prevailing conditions within the immediate vicinity of every screen.

To achieve this back in the day, DOOH media owners needed a custom build for the CMS. Put simply, it was an expensive hassle. Nowadays we can deliver these sort of campaigns via an HTML campaign which makes the process more cost effective, dynamic and scalable.

For campaigns that are not weather related, it is just as straightforward to pull in other data sources according to, say, the local traffic conditions, the results of a football game or a betting company’s odds, Much the same as an online campaign, you then build a smart banner using HTML. Then it’s good to go, as long as your CMS supports HTML campaigns that is.

Want to take your dynamic creative capability a step further without increasing anyone’s workload?

Allowing customers themselves to directly customize their local digital billboards with their latest images, offers, products and services has become much easier by using HTML technology together with a simple user interface like that developed by Lucit.

The Lucit platform, now integrated into DoohClick across all our markets, allows customers to view, post, edit, manage and schedule their digital billboard content in real-time from their desktop or phone by automatically generating the creative from data.

Not only does this facilitate inventory data-driven ads for big-ticket items like automotives and real estate, but the tool provides creative post templates for real-time ad updates and the utilisation of LucitXR proofing tools to streamline the important proofing process.

This solves a significant problem. It gives media owners and operators a highly efficient way to manage their digital billboard inventory, reduces their administrative tasks by giving the advertisers more hands on control, and delivers highly relevant advertising messages to local audiences too.

An example. Adams Outdoor, a leading US outdoor advertising company, wanted to attract automotive dealers who had not used billboards to sell their vehicles in more than 30 years. Secondly, an existing auto dealer was constantly requesting changes to their copy which required significant time consuming manual labor.

Deploying Lucit’s data connectivity and post features allowed Adams Outdoor to update the client’s content quickly and easily with relevant, current information. This successfully attracted new advertising revenue from other automotive dealers, while Lucit’s automation capabilities allowed Adams Outdoor to continually change the billboard creative for their existing auto dealer customer, saving a lot of time and effort by streamlining the entire process.

Now you can’t get much better ROI than that.

To find out more, contact Jonas Glad, email

Jonas co-founded DoohClick in 2019 after the Swedish owned proprietary ad platform was demerged from NASDAQ listed AdCityMedia. Originally developed over a 10 year period and previously operated as StarCorp, DoohClick provides global media owners with real time ad serving ecosystems which facilitate complete sales support, dynamic scheduling, improved analysis and fast reporting.

Prior to the formation of DoohClick, Jonas was chief operating officer of AdCityMedia AB. Having started his career there in sales, Jonas was instrumental in using the company’s progressive digital software to expand its acquisition trail, leading to its NASDAQ listing in 2017.

 Under his leadership, DoohClick is now a fully independent company providing new business opportunities and updating legacy OOH systems across 11 markets.

It is Jonas’s vision to incubate an international network of like-minded collaborators under the auspices of DoohClick to introduce improved, common standards and support new and emerging technology across the OOH sector.