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Empowering Out-of-Home: Strategies for Success in South Africa in 2024

Sean Busschau

General Manager

Insight Outdoor

Sean Busschau

Sean Busschau

26 February . 3 min read . Opinion

(Credit: Insight Outdoor)

As we step into 2024, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising landscape is poised for an exciting year, especially in South Africa. Exploring strategic approaches and emerging trends can not only ensure the continued impact and relevance of OOH but also contribute to supporting local initiatives and fostering a distinctly South African character.

1. Integration of Technology:

OOH advertising in South Africa can innovate by integrating technologies like augmented reality (AR), interactive displays, and QR codes. These innovations, when infused with a South African flavour, transform billboards into dynamic, culturally rich experiences, fostering real-time interactions and enhancing audience engagement. You can explore inspiring ideas and executions on the WayOut website.


2. Data-Driven Personalization:

In the spirit of embracing South African diversity, OOH advertising can harness data to deliver targeted and culturally relevant campaigns. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, advertisers can analyse local consumer behaviour, demographics, and preferences to tailor content, creating a more meaningful connection that resonates with the South African audience. Andre Youseff discusses this critical factor in his article Using data insights to navigate the future of OOH advertising.


3. Mobile Integration and Cross-Channel Marketing:

Recognizing the unique South African market dynamics, OOH campaigns should seamlessly integrate with mobile platforms. Geotargeting and proximity marketing can be utilized to ensure a consistent brand message across both physical and digital channels, connecting with the diverse and geographically dispersed South African audience. The collaborative impact of cross-channel marketing, especially the combination of OOH and mobile, is well-recognized, providing brands the opportunity to capitalize on this fantastic synergy.


4. Dynamic Content Delivery:

Customizing dynamic content to align with real-time South African events, holidays, and cultural nuances presents a tremendous opportunity to elevate the relevance and impact of OOH campaigns. Weather-triggered ads, time-of-day customization, and contextually relevant content should intricately mirror the local context, effectively capturing the attention of the South African audience across diverse scenarios. Recognizing the untapped potential, there’s a collective hope that 2024 marks the turning point where this dynamic approach becomes a standard practice in the industry, unlocking new dimensions of engagement and resonance. This Foodora campaign was absolutely brilliant in its execution and achieved fantastic results.

5. Supporting Local Initiatives:

As a dedicated commitment to South Africa, OOH advertising can proactively champion local initiatives. Engaging in collaborations with South African artists, businesses, and community organizations not only imparts campaigns with authenticity but also plays a vital role in fostering the growth and sustainability of local enterprises. Furthermore, it’s essential to acknowledge and support the numerous OOH champions diligently researching and promoting the industry. Their dedication deserves our encouragement and backing as we collectively strive for a thriving and sustainable OOH landscape in South Africa.


6. Revitalizing Traditional OOH:

While the preceding points delve into thrilling new concepts and expansive PR-driven campaigns, let’s not overlook the timeless artistry of a meticulously crafted traditional campaign. The efficiency and recall rates achieved through well-executed traditional approaches remain unparalleled, offering optimal reach. Moreover, the choice isn’t binary; in our era of omni-channel dynamics, integrating both traditional and innovative elements enhances the overall success of campaigns. Embracing a cross-platform strategy ensures a harmonious blend that capitalizes on the strengths of each, creating a synergistic impact for an audience navigating a multi-faceted media landscape.


As we navigate the dynamic landscape of 2024, OOH advertising in South Africa has the opportunity to redefine its approach by seamlessly blending technology with the rich tapestry of local culture, actively supporting homegrown initiatives, and celebrating the diverse essence of the nation. Through the adoption of these strategies, advertisers can unleash the full potential of OOH, solidifying its lasting prominence while contributing to the vibrant spirit of South Africa’s advertising industry. The return of experienced professionals to the fold bodes well for our already thriving talent pool, and personally, I am eagerly anticipating the creative wonders they will unveil in 2024. It’s an exciting time for the local industry, filled with promise and innovation.

Sean Busschau heads up the Joburg division at Insight Outdoor, bringing two decades of invaluable industry experience complemented by an MBA degree. With a genuine passion for media and its vibrant community, he brings a unique perspective to the dynamic landscape of outdoor advertising.