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Expanding Horizons: Bringing DOOH to Life in Multiple Settings

Roberta Gumede

Marketing Director


Roberta Gumede

3 April . 3 min read . Opinion

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, I’m thrilled to shed light on Lulame, a beacon of innovation crafted from the unique needs and challenges of South Africa. Lulame began with a noble mission: to democratize healthcare access and eliminate the daunting distances many South Africans face to receive medical care. Our mantra, “Ending the long walk to healthcare,” represents our foundational goal but also marks the starting point of a broader journey.

While our core ambition remains rooted in healthcare, Lulame aspires to expand its reach and impact. Currently, our modular units are not just healthcare providers but are evolving to become potent platforms for the OOH and DOOH industries. They stand poised to engage diverse audiences in varied settings — from the vibrant life at taxi ranks to the scholarly atmospheres of educational institutions.

The transformation of Lulame’s modular units into comprehensive communication tools is a vision we are actively working towards. While they aim to become hubs for digital advertising and community engagement, it’s essential to recognize that this journey is ongoing. Our ambition is to blend healthcare accessibility with impactful marketing opportunities, offering the DOOH industry a unique proposition: a platform that not only delivers essential services but also captures the attention of audiences across South Africa’s diverse landscapes. This evolving narrative presents a fertile ground for the DOOH industry, opening up new avenues for reaching and resonating with previously untapped markets.

As we navigate this transformation, I invite you to explore the potential and aspirations of Lulame through the following Q&A segment.


Q1: What’s unique about Lulame’s advertising approach beyond the digital landscape?

A1: At Lulame, we’re redefining advertising by merging digital displays with external static panels. This dual strategy guarantees our partners’ brand messages remain in constant view, thriving even in the most bustling of environments.

Q2: Can you explain what the Lulame pharmaceutical dispenser is and how it transforms branding opportunities?

A2: The Lulame pharmaceutical dispenser is an innovative component of our modular units, designed to streamline the distribution of medications while providing an interactive customer experience. This dispenser integrates a touch screen for easy navigation and information dissemination, coupled with a mechanism for secure medication collection. By embedding this technology within our units, we offer a unique platform where each interaction becomes more than just a transaction. It becomes an opportunity for brands to integrate their messaging into a vital service, transforming each step of the process into a meaningful brand experience. This redefines branding opportunities by marrying utility with storytelling, allowing brands to become a part of the consumer’s health journey in a direct and impactful way.

Q3: Can you explain Lulame’s synergy with the taxi industry and the DOOH prospects at taxi ranks?

A3: By situating Lulame units in taxi ranks, we transform waiting areas into dynamic advertising spaces, allowing for targeted, real-time advertisements that reach a vast daily audience, enhancing both ad relevance and consumer engagement.

Q4: How do combined digital and static ads in Lulame units amplify messaging?

A4: This fusion ensures a brand’s presence is unmissable – static for consistent exposure, and digital for captivating, variable content. It’s about keeping the brand at the forefront, regardless of the consumer’s lifestyle or habits.

Q5: Which sectors stand to gain from Lulame’s DOOH offerings?

A5: The adaptability of Lulame caters to industries across the board – from pharmaceuticals, Consumer goods, Transport to Hospitality, Education and Mining. Each can tailor the Lulame experience to meet specific audience needs, fostering unprecedented engagement levels.

Q6: What are the strategic advantages of Lulame unit locations?

A6: Whether located at a taxi rank or within a business park, each Lulame unit acts as a beacon of engagement. Strategically positioned to maximize brand interaction with specific demographic groups, these units provide refined targeting capabilities that bolster the brand’s reach and relevance.

Q7: How do diverse Lulame unit settings boost brand interaction and consumer engagement?

A7: By seamlessly integrating into the fabric of everyday life, Lulame units enable brands to become an intrinsic part of the consumer’s day, enriching the customer experience and cementing brand loyalty in innovative, meaningful ways.

We are excited by the transformative role Lulame occupies in providing healthcare accessibility while pioneering the expansion of DOOH into new territories, thereby unlocking novel avenues for brand engagement.

Roberta is a seasoned strategist and marketer with diverse experience across Africa and expertise in bridging East and Africa through her command of Mandarin. Her role in Lulame, driven by a passion for technology, aims to advance Africa by solving critical challenges, especially in remote areas. Her strategy combines technology, community focus, and outstanding service to transform the healthcare industry.