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OHMSA Membership: Illuminating Pathways in the Out of Home Landscape

Angelo Tandy



Angelo Tandy

Angelo Tandy

30 October . 2 min read . Opinion

(Credit: Relativ Media)

In the realm of Out of Home media ownership, the Out of Home Media Association of South Africa (OHMSA) has established itself as a cornerstone of advantages within this ever-evolving industry network. OHMSA membership offers a comprehensive array of benefits that encompass and offers networking opportunities, industry insights, advocacy, diversity initiatives and easy access to on the job training.

Zooming into these aspects that underscore the profound value of being a part of OHMSA:

  1. Networking Opportunities: OHMSA serves as an invaluable nexus for media owners to converge. Through carefully curated events, conferences, and workshops, members gain access to a thriving platform for fostering professional connections and exchanging insights.
  1. Industry Insights: Staying well-informed about the latest industry trends is imperative in the dynamic landscape of Out of Home advertising. OHMSA membership provides an exclusive gateway to cutting-edge market research, bespoke reports, and illuminating presentations. These insights empower members to make well-grounded business decisions and navigate the intricate shifts in the industry landscape.


  1. Advocacy and Collective Representation: OHMSA plays a pivotal role in representing the collective interests of media owners and the industry. By engaging with regulatory bodies and government entities, OHMSA effectively addresses concerns and collaborates to cultivate a conducive environment for out of home sector growth. The Association’s collective voice holds the power to shape policies that resonate for the greater good.


  1. Continuous Learning and Professional Development: In an industry marked by perpetual evolution, the pursuit of knowledge is paramount. OHMSA facilitates continuous learning through a series of seminars, webinars, and training sessions that span a spectrum of subjects, including technological advancements and audience measurement. Members gain a competitive edge by staying well-versed in emerging trends.


  1. Expertise in Council and Landlord Relations: Recognizing the significance of council negotiations and landlord management, OHMSA equips members with specialized resources, training, and guidance. This expertise empowers members to navigate regulatory nuances, secure permits, and manage lease agreements effectively.


  1. Guidance on Compliance and Regulations: OHMSA membership offers a comprehensive understanding of local regulations and bylaws. This knowledge is essential for ensuring campaign compliance, obtaining necessary permits, and conducting operations within the legal framework.


  1. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: OHMSA stands behind and strongly supports transformation, empowerment, diversity and inclusion, in line with the MAC Charter policies and regulations in line with Government’s transformation and empowerment policies. Through strategic initiatives and programs, the Association encourages participation from underrepresented groups, fostering innovation and a culture of inclusivity.


  1. A Unified Voice for Industry Concerns: OHMSA serves as a unified platform for addressing industry-wide concerns. By pooling insights and perspectives, the Association presents a unified front when engaging with stakeholders and policymakers on matters such as regulations and competition.


  1. Open Dialogues and Learning Forums: OHMSA facilitates open discussions on vital industry topics, promoting learning, empathy, and the development of actionable strategies. These dialogues enrich the industry’s discourse and further the exchange of best practices.

In closing, OHMSA membership is an all-encompassing experience that spans networking, insights, advocacy, and inclusivity. It serves as a catalyst for addressing industry concerns and offers indispensable guidance for navigating complex facets like council and landlord management. The united efforts within OHMSA contribute to a more vibrant, inclusive, and thriving out of home industry ecosystem for every member.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, he is an experienced independent marketing and commercialization professional who is passionate about driving innovative media and advertising solutions.

He has been blessed with the gift of languages and a diverse skill set, he has amassed practical experience which he believes has taught him more than any institution ever could in theory. With the ability to be a team player and a team leader, he is extremely fortunate to have learned many valuable life and business lessons through various mentors and travels that have been placed along his path. They have taught him to seek opportunity in any and every circumstance.

He is a great visionary, a lateral and literal thinker, humble but firm, but most importantly, with keen problem solving ability, an analytical mind with excellent communication skills – a professional who combines a business development background with sound business acumen to get the job done with efficiency and integrity.    

He has been involved in a number of sectors which includes Media, Marketing, Advertising and Communications, Finance, Health, Radio and Television Broadcasting and IT.

He has a passion for life and a gift for nurturing people and processes. His creativity has enabled him to think out the box. In this digital age of globalization, he is a next generation team player, team leader and a visionary geared for next generation business.

He is loyal and knows his value and has a fairly well established global network in various industries. He takes his responsibilities very seriously because he believes that his name and reputation are the most valuable commodities to trade with.

The projects that resonate most within him are ones that affect true positive change in the world and in people’s lives; projects which have innovation, longevity and sustainability as their foundation.

He is a pioneering Media Marketing Executive and philanthropist – the diversity of his expertise is expressed in current and past leadership roles.