Digilites Digital Network


5 minute dwell time within each location across 5 leading South African cities

The LOOP a division of Tractor Outdoor brings you digilites digitals providing unavoidable full motion digital advertising screens located on petrol stations across South Africa allowing you to engage with the right people at the right time.

National small format digital screens includes full motion video allowing consumers to plug and play to integrate with multiple campaigns. ​

A unique model for buying digital outdoor advertising. The LOOP can be bought to accommodate your brief by demographic, day or hour with 4 highly targeted networks.

HUQ: The importance of audience data in DOOH

HUQ is real-world consumer research database. By collecting anonymised location histories from an SDK (software development kit) in thousands of mobile apps, and marrying this insight with an advanced point of interest database (aka a really smart map that uses multiple sources), HUQ makes it possible to measure consumers’ real world likes, wants and interests in a digital, quantifiable form.

In short, by taking-in the 10 x millions everyday real-world actions of millions of consumers around the world, HUQ enables OOH planners and advertisers to qualify purchase decisions based on their relationship with our specific OOH locations and where else they go.  ​

HUQ’s mobile panel stands out against other panels because of the quality of its data, and the unique insight that it gives us about audience’s relationships with the real world. It is a first party dataset (rather than third party, like ad exchange data for example) and it describes observed behaviours (rather than claimed behaviours, like an interview or diary panel would).   ​

In South Africa, the HUQ panel consists of over 250,000 unique users with a history of approximately 18 months collected via 1,138 different apps, and it is continually growing. For the Tractor DOOH network study, we observed 1,280 unique users who visited our network of locations. By mapping out our samples’ location histories and comparing against the HUQ POI database, we are able to extract a wealth of insight about our screens’ audiences.​

The below heat map shows the movements of each user that visited one of our digital screens over 18 months:

The first thing we wanted to understand was the average frequency of visits of our audience to our network. HUQ’s database was able to demonstrate that our audience was visiting any combination of our network an average of 12 times per month (average monthly visits per user), with more than 90% staying on site for less than 5 minutes. This very much corroborates what the forecourt managers were telling us, and is what one would expect from locations that exist as convenience shopping hubs. When we look at visits of day of week and time of day, we see that the peak hours are throughout the working day, with a small spike over lunch.​

In addition to this, Tractor are also able to develop highly accurate cost per thousand (CPM)  valuation metrics through the utilization of the HUQ data, which enables buyers and planners to do like for like comparisons with other campaigns that they may be running online, and in many instances they have found that advertising on the Tractor DOOH Network is in fact a far more cost effective way of reaching an audience than many other online or digital campaigns.