pDOOH – Programmatic

What is programmatic?

In the traditional online space, sellers of ad space will publish spaces that are available for sale and advertisers that are interested would bid on it with what they would be willing to pay for that space.

These transactions are moderated programmatically through a DSP (demand-side platform) for advertisers and an SSP (sell-side-platform) for media owners. An Ad Exchange would manage the transactions and place the ads instantaneously to the winning bid depending on the criteria put on the bid. Advertisers would purchase impressions calculated through a CPM.

What data sources drive pDOOH?

How do you buy a pDOOH campaign?

RTB (Real-Time-Bidding)

A media owner would create a set of inventory available and set a floor CPM. Advertisers would have the opportunity to bid against that CPM or against each other for the inventory. The winning bid will allow the winning advertisers advert to play.

Private Deals

Private deals are brokered privately with a client where various conditions can be agreed to from fixing the CPM or impressions to be served of have guaranteed slots available for the advertiser to buy from.

DSP Integrations

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