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Road Measurement? Sorted.

Joe Spring

Head of Location and Commerce

Joe Spring

Joe Spring

24 April . 2 min read . Opinion

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Lightstone has solved the challenge of measuring Out-of-Home audiences. About four years ago we developed an Independent Audience Measurement for OOH and brought on a number of large media clients.

Since the start, we’ve committed to the most realistic numbers for outdoor media measurement. At times we questioned why our numbers were lower than others being offered in the market. We scribbled on our office walls to calculate necessary distances between cars, numbers of lanes and time of day impacts. Any way we worked it, our competitor’s attractive numbers just didn’t “fit” on the roads. We tested and proved that our numbers are the best in the market.

Why can you trust Lightstone for your outdoor measurement currency?
Our methodology is transparent:

  • We measure vehicles past each site, with occupancy rates based on international academic precedents.
  • Our sample is made up of the daily movements of more than 600,000 vehicles (anonymized and tagged for repeat appearances). Yes, you read that right. Daily.
  • These vehicles perform between 4 and 5 million journeys per day.
  • The data spreads across all income bands, geographies, vehicle types and vehicle ages in South Africa.
  • We constantly monitor the national population, and update our weighting models each month.
  • You can see impressions, reach and frequency, and profile the audience based on the mix of where they’ve come from.
  • With this, you’re armed with reliable measures including GRP and CPM, so you can win with confidence.


Do you need to compare what happened before, during and after a campaign? How about comparing the traffic from August 2018, or lockdowns in 2020? No problem, we’ve got it covered.

We believe that an independent OOH currency provided by Lightstone is the way forward for all media owners and agencies, large and small. With our easy-to-use mapping tools, you can be up and running in no time.

If this is what you’ve been waiting for, let’s set you up.

Joe Spring heads up the Location & Commerce vertical at Lightstone, the leading property data and analytics company. 


The Location & Commerce team comprises data scientists, product experts, developers and solutions consultants who work together to produce tactical insights and network solutions, enabling clients to tap into location intelligence, and optimise their business.