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The Evolving Landscape of DOOH Technology

Mduduzi Cindi

Founder & CEO

The SteaDy Media Agency

Mduduzi Cindi

Mduduzi Cindi

26 June. 3 min read . Opinion

(Credit: BrandIQ)

OOH media continues to be a vital component of the consumers daily lives.  Meaning that it can reach consumers just when they are about to make a purchasing decision, it’s an always on type of medium, remaining top of mind to the targeted audiences. Brands are now starting to get greater access to the tools & technologies needed to deliver relevant messaging to specific consumer groups in a more engaging and contextual way thanks to evolving targeting & measurability technologies being deployed within Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH). One of these tools best known as programmatic DOOH.  

Let take a look at the evolving landscape of DOOH tech and its developments that are bringing about the massive growth in the Out-of -Home space. 

  • Technological advancements are driving various developments in the planning, targeting, and measurement of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, resulting in improved effectiveness and Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Several developments are being driven by technology, including adjustments in how OOH is planned, consumed and overall advertising performance is measured allowing for ROI. Increasing the medium’s effectiveness by leveraging technology to address the disadvantages of traditional OOH.
  • DOOH has created an environment where brands can be deliberate about their products and be strategic in the messaging. For example, brands now get to choose the time slots on when they would like their ads to flight allowing for the product to reach the right target audiences.
  • We also know that the turnaround times from a production standpoint is a lot quicker, allowing for efficiency, various durations, and smart creative changes and which most brands love.

DOOH is a powerful advertising medium in an era of information overload, it’s essential for brands and marketers to get their message out in an exciting, eye-catching way and to reach people who will actually benefit from seeing their content. Digital screens in the physical world deliver flashy creatives that are relevant and engaging across multiple locations that span the consumer journey and something that other channels simply can’t offer.  Thanks to technology, digital screens are so intertwined in our daily lives that it’s almost impossible not to see it, yet it integrates into our lives without being overly intrusive, creating an impactful way for advertisers to get in front of consumers without being disruptive. While traditional OOH has been around for centuries, DOOH has only started to take off in the past 10 years. Despite its impressive advancements, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what is possible within the previously traditional medium. The current challenge we face may however be a disadvantage to DOOH, while the entire country is being affected by heavy load sheddings, we have seen that most of these structures do not have any form or power backup for when load shedding hits and this may cause a significant loss in brands ROI especially if the structures do not have backup power of any sort. This can and will allow for clients to lack confidence in the ability of this medium to deliver its ROI if this what may seem as minor issues does not get resolved soon. 

There are a number of benefits for using programmatic DOOH:

  • A programmatic platform provides you with a single access point for all DOOH inventory.
  • PrDOOH (Programmatic Digital Out-Of -Home) platforms remove the hurdles marketers and brands face in strategy and planning, contracting OOH buys with multiple vendors individually allowing brands to buy screens of all shapes and sizes in one streamlined plan.
  • All media planning and buying can be done through a single platform — bought via managed service, self service, or through an omnichannel DSP which allows even the smallest teams to handle large, complex campaigns.
  • PrDOOH, Programmatic allows marketers/ brands to set parameters around who you are trying to reach, upload your creative assets, set the budget, audience targeting, and other campaign requirements. The DSP then uses this data to find your audience and activate your creative at the right moments, rendering better results at every stage of the consumer journey.
  • Data informs buying decisions for every single ad placement at the impression or spot level.
  • Rather than assessing each publisher individually, you can evaluate the effect of your campaigns at a holistic level.
  • Weather based marketing widely popular advertising strategy that’s widely used by various industries, especially retail, travel, healthcare. This technique allows marketers to effortlessly deliver tailored creative massaging based on the local weather conditions, using data and automation.
  • Through these platforms, advertisers can streamline their processes, encompassing everything from strategy and activation to reporting and optimization, all within a unified location. This enables automation and data-driven decision-making to effectively target the appropriate audience, at the optimal locations, dates, and times.

As the range of DOOH technologies expands at an annual growth rate of 101%, prospective outdoor advertisers have access to a multitude of options. In order to optimize their OOH advertising endeavours, brands will need to devise innovative strategies that leverage “big data” to streamline outdoor advertising models and effectively utilize the wealth of data that is becoming increasingly available.

As the digital medium rises in popularity thanks to its accuracy, effectiveness and automation, brands and marketers can now look to launch a creative and high-impact out-of -home campaign using DOOH. From new formats, venues and targeting abilities, to continuing innovations such as dynamic creatives, DOOH will continue to prove the pervasiveness and success of outdoor media, marrying traditional methods with the future of the digital age.

Mduduzi started his career in the media industry as an Outdoor auditor in 2010 after spending three years in management in sales. In his past role as an OOH Business Unit Director , he played a tactical role providing effective and quality OOH insights, new business acquisition, developing appropriate strategies and implementation plans, overseeing the executions thereof.  Three OOH award winnings and two Loeries nominations. 

The working experience he has gained over the years including his talent has provided him the capacity to manage multiple key accounts in the industry of motoring, banking, retail, FMCG, telecommunications and now as the CEO which is a specialist in OOH Strat & Planning company, offering a one hub trading solution with large inventory in Out-Of-Home nationally, representing multiple media owners.   

His daily activities involve OOH strategy development, ideas generating and compilation of overall brand strategies, new business acquisition, insights and trends.