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The Haphazard Symphony

Christo van den Bergh

Head of OOH


Christo van den Bergh

Christo van den Bergh

27 November . 3 min read . Opinion


As we approach the rush towards the end of the year, how are you planning on finishing the year strong?

Ah, the grand finale of the year is upon us, and I’ve strapped on my metaphorical rocket boots for a dazzling year-end spectacle! Picture me, the unsuspecting hero of this cosmic comedy, juggling tasks like a caffeinated octopus on roller skates.

Firstly, I’ve decided to embrace the chaos with the grace of a ballet-dancing cat herder. I’ll be tackling my to-do list with such vigor that even my coffee mug will be giving me a standing ovation. It’s like a dance-off, but instead of battling opponents, I’m waltzing with deadlines.

To navigate the labyrinth of year-end reports and tasks, I’ve adopted a strategic approach that I like to call “The Haphazard Symphony.” It’s a delicate balance between playing air guitar in my office chair and typing furiously, as if my keyboard owes me money. The result? A cacophony of productivity that rivals the most chaotic rock concert.

Lastly, to maintain my sanity in the whirlwind of year-end madness, I’ve enlisted the help of a motivational sloth. This imaginary sloth hangs out on my shoulder, offering words of encouragement at a leisurely pace. It’s a reminder that, no matter how hectic things get, it’s okay to take things slow and steady.

So, as I hurtle towards the year-end finish line, I’m armed with humor, creativity, and a touch of absurdity. If I’m going to wrap up the year, I might as well do it with a flourish, a few laughs, and possibly a confetti cannon. After all, finishing strong is not just about crossing the finish line; it’s about doing it with style, flair, and a hearty chuckle.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given that’s help get you to where you are today in your career?

Dare to be different. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and challenge the norm. You don’t have to do what everyone else does. Your unique perspective can be your greatest asset. Most importantly remember, “it’s the power of the journey that forge us and makes us strong”

What is the day in the life of the Head of OOH for Mediology like?

As a maestro of madness in the world of billboards and bus shelters. My day starts with the grace of a tightrope walker on a caffeine high. With one eye on my overflowing inbox and the other on a triple-shot espresso, I bravely navigate through a sea of briefs that fly in from all directions. It’s like being in a paper storm, but with the added challenge of deciphering marketing jargon that’s more cryptic than ancient hieroglyphics.

As I attempt to tame the unruly briefs, I engage in a daily ritual of negotiation with the Media Owners. You can see me as a modern-day diplomat, skillfully bartering for the prime real estate of the advertising world with the charisma of a talk show host.

Once the battlefield of briefs is somewhat conquered, I plunge into the world of Strategies. It’s like a strategic chess game where every move could either lead to checkmate or a viral ad campaign. Strategically placing my pawns (read: billboards) in a way that would make Rassie Erasmus proud.

Post campaigns are the order of the day, a land of analytics and insights. I sift through data like a treasure hunter looking for the golden nuggets of campaign success. Armed with pie charts and line graphs, I decipher the mysteries of ROI and engagement rates, all while resisting the urge to make pie-related puns during team meetings.

Putting together Site Bibles, a sacred text that guides the placement of every ad in the physical world. It’s like having a GPS for billboards, ensuring they’re strategically placed for maximum impact. I imagine myself as the OOH version of a cartographer, mapping out the ad landscape with the precision of a surgeon.

Managing the OOH team is a daily adventure. Picture me as the captain of a quirky pirate ship, steering through the turbulent seas of creative brainstorming sessions and budget discussions.

Training and development are my secret weapons. Transforming our team into a squad of advertising ninjas, armed with the latest trends and techniques. The Yoda of OOH, imparting wisdom in the form of OOH Jedi mind tricks.

As the day winds down, I emerge victorious, a battle-worn but content hero in the world of Out-of-Home Advertising. With a satisfied sigh, I sip my last cup of coffee, ready to do it all over again tomorrow. After all, in the world of OOH, there’s always another brief, another campaign, and another opportunity to shine!

  • Head of OOH
  • Outdoor Advertising Guru
  • Strategic thinker
  • Dad to 2 Ginga Ninjas
  • Avid surfer (when he can get to the ocean)


Christo has been with Mediology for 11 years and assists the team in delivering the best OOH solutions for our clients.