Tractor Outdoor and UrbanSigns

Tractor Outdoor and UrbanSigns now a fully formed partnership

July 1, 2020

UrbanSigns, as one of the oldest and most well-established OOH businesses in Cape Town, has combined with Tractor Outdoor to form Urbantrac – which will be run and operate exclusively under the Tractor Media umbrella.

“We have long prided ourselves on our extensive portfolio of premium Cape Town locations and this partnership has further entrenched our market dominance in Cape Town,” says Ben Harris, managing director at Tractor Outdoor.

“In 2018, the companies launched Urbantrac, originally the company secured additional and strategic DOOH space and with our first digital installed, it confirmed the potential in the merger. In 2019, a second roadside digital was built on the M5 Highway in Cape Town which cemented the partnership,” says Harris.

This merger has been in the making for some time and the Covid-19 pandemic brought about the urgency to conclude the partnership to ensure the best possible outcome of the outdoor advertising market.

Both partners are Cape Town based and the merger further strengthens their position in the Cape Town market. The combination of UrbanSigns portfolio and Tractor’s knowledge and resources will provide our clients with added value and far better access to the market. The partnership and pooling of resources is expected to result in higher efficiencies.

“It is my pleasure to announce that UrbanSigns and Tractor are now a fully formed partnership. We have together put in a tremendous amount of hard work and I am confident in Tractor’s expertise and knowledge of the OOH industry and I look forward to future developments,” says Antony Urbaniak of UrbanSigns.

About Tractor Outdoor

Tractor Outdoor is a premier out-of-home advertising solutions company, offering expertly situated advertising space in the major cities of South Africa. Their OOH offering includes billboards and digital screens located in key markets, a transit division; and an innovation division to integrate your bespoke OOH campaigns nationwide.

About UrbanSigns

UrbanSigns is a prominent Cape Town-based independent outdoor advertising operation with a prime portfolio of approved sites specialising in roadside billboards, static media, wall murals and spectaculars.