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Vicinity Media: How we use DOOH in our Retail Solution

Sharné Daniels

DOOH Campaign Specialist


Chanté Naidoo

Head of Data


Olav Westphal

Head of Retail

29 April . 5 min read . Opinion

For decades retail advertising has relied heavily on product and price executions delivered through print and TV, usually focused on month end and seasonal campaigns. With digital transformation speeding along at a million miles an hour that’s all changed.

Today retail media is heavily focused on data gathering and audience building at every stage of the purchasing funnel, and the old reliance on print and TV is being replaced by highly targeted digital solutions. Where does DOOH fit in this brave new world? For brands that understand that first-party data can power true Omnichannel – then DOOH fits perfectly in this new ecosystem…and this new ecosystem overcomes DOOH’s biggest weakness – its lack of data, especially local data, and measurement. 

The Vicinity Media Retail Stack Ecosystem, underpinned by Vicinity’s 4D Data, offers a range of products to create touchpoints for consumers, as they go about their daily lives. Brands need to become part of a consumer’s daily routine, with campaigns covering the full purchasing funnel in an Omnichannel campaign approach, using hyperlocal first-party audience data. 



  1. Audience Segmentation: Utilise our 4D offering and proximity analysis to segment your audience based on demographics, affinity, past campaign engagement, and store visits. This segmentation allows for personalised messaging and targeting across both mobile and DOOH channels.
  2. Data Integration: Correlate search queries and browsing behaviour with physical store visits through the use of Vicinity’s Geolytics, while simultaneously retargeting users as they move. 
  3. Brand Overlap: Build on your existing retargeting strategy by identifying what other stores and websites your audience frequently visits after engaging with your brand’s ad.



This audience-centric strategy aligns with the principles of digital transformation, ensuring long-term success and effectiveness. One of the most effective strategies in achieving this goal is the integration of mobile and DOOH.



Each touchpoint is part of a data-gathering machine that powers DOOH, Omnichannel and Mobile, connecting products with audiences both offline and online.

  • DealFeed: A digital retail solution in the form of a dynamic catalogue to drive your audience online or in-store. Features bespoke user journeys with multiple calls to action such as navigation, reward sign-ups, social share, download catalogue and “Ad2cart”. Individual product engagement tells us what consumers are in the market for, powering targeting and audience creation.
  • DealFeed In-Store: An in-store catalogue solution that digitises your customers in-store, thus providing a measurement of current campaigns and retargeting in future campaigns, down to a product-specific level.
  • DealFeed ATL: This solution allows brands to push consumers from traditional media such as TV or print to a location-specific retail catalogue. The consumer simply scans a QR code to access the catalogue providing us with measurement and retargeting capabilities.
  • DOOH/Omnichannel: Using 1st party data we can reach your audience on any relevant screen and move with them from mobile to out-of-home to in-mall. The full ecosystem provides an industry-leading measurement for your omnichannel activity. Measure your ROAS with robust reporting on website traffic, search and visit uplifts, attribution and omnichannel campaign upliftment. 
  • NearMe Daily Deals: Deals populate in the NearMe MicroApp, integrated into top publisher sites, gathering intent data on 8+ million active users.
  • iFeedback: Real-time location-based customer feedback surveys, to gain deeper actionable insights at the store level. Again, this product provides measurement and retargeting capabilities.



Consumers are all in different shopping phases, some consumers are in the growth and loyalty phase while others may be in the consideration phase. Clients need to retain and grow their existing clients, as well as grow their customer base by adding to the top of the funnel and creating awareness. Brands need to be present across the full purchasing funnel, as consumers move in and out of phases. 




  • Before consumers even set foot into a physical store, the journey begins with pre-visit engagement. Mobile ads play a crucial role, leveraging off targeted ads, personalised messaging, and CTA’s. 
  • Previous mobile engagement allows us to retarget consumers with a dynamic catalogue, DealFeed, to drive your audience in-store.
  • DOOH, with strategic hyperlocal geolocation placements, as consumers make their way to the store. (Roadside, parking lot & in mall DOOH). 
  • When consumers are making their way to the store, they can scan a DealFeed catalogue on an in-mall DOOH screen.
  • DealFeed In store mechanised by QR codes allows consumers to engage with content, digitising those consumers and growing basket size.
  • With iFeedback, consumers have the opportunity to fill in a real-time customer survey, to gain deeper actionable insights at the store level.


Digitising your audience allows you to measure and use that measurement for campaign learning and retargeting. The Omnichannel approach allows you to track users every step of their user journey, and DOOH allows you to reach your targeted audience when they are off their mobile devices.



  • Attribution Reporting: Attribution reports provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of each platform, DOOH + Mobile, in driving users to your website and store based on your campaign objective. We are also able to determine the average time it takes a user to visit your store and website after being exposed to an ad on our network.
  • Store Visit Uplift: Measuring store visit uplifts extends beyond a campaign duration. Through ongoing monitoring of users within our network across diverse locations, we consistently track footfall metrics both preceding and during campaigns. This enables us to compare visit metrics and pinpoint increases in-store visits, providing valuable insights into campaign effectiveness.
  • Local Search Data: Local search data transcends simple search query aggregation. We meticulously measure the uplift and decline in search queries specific to the locations targeted in your marketing campaign. By discerning patterns in search behaviour, we can identify whether your campaign is positively impacting your brand’s presence, while also identifying areas for enhancement to ensure maximum impact. (Local Search data is gathered in partnership with leading location management company Location Bank and is exclusively available to Vicinity Media).
  • NearMe Search data: NearMe, searches indicate high intent from consumers looking for products or services near where they are situated. By analysing this data, we enhance our retargeting capabilities, enabling us to strategically engage with potential customers who have expressed interest in local offerings
  • Geolytics: Vicinity’s Geolytics tool correlates browsing behaviour on a client’s website with DOOH exposure while simultaneously retargeting users as they move. 
  • Omnichannel: Running products concurrently in one ecosystem, allows advertisers to retarget users in many different ways, personalised to each consumer. One consumer might see a mobile ad, allowing us to retarget with a DealFeed catalogue, and on their way to the store, they interact with DOOH sites with an in-mall DOOH QR code or a QR code in-store, allowing us to retarget with a mobile ad.


As media becomes increasingly fragmented, brands are procuring advertising space from various platforms, resulting in a lack of consistent tracking across these various channels. When compounded with the reliance on third-party data, delivering a cohesive message in an Omnichannel manner becomes a formidable challenge.

Our Omnichannel retail ecosystem and gathering of first-party data, means we can find your audience across this fragmented media landscape. Each media solution within our retail stack further bolsters this audience data collection and supercharges campaign reporting allowing for real Omnichannel retail campaigns, powered by 1st party data that talk to your audience through the most relevant screen at the most relevant time, be it mobile, DOOH or in-mall.

Vicinity is a venture capital-funded South African location-based media business headquartered in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Since its formation in 2013, Vicinity has pioneered the location space and today provides 1st party data-driven solutions ranging from Mobile to DOOH, Omnichannel to Retail. As the only proudly South African Ad Tech company operating in this space, Vicinity has best-of-breed data, targeting and measurement capabilities built from the ground up for the local market.