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What does it take to execute & develop sites in the airport space?

Mandisi Maqetuka

Creative Group Head

Mandisi Media Group

Mandisi Maqetuka

Mandisi Maqetuka

25 March . 3 min read . Opinion

(Credit: Mandisi Media Group)

Mandisi Ads, as an independent, valid and active Out of Home advertising concessionaire at ACSA airports, started off with establishing a very congenial business environment with our landlord (ACSA), where credibility and general business etiquette are the order of the day.

This has given us a considerable latitude to propose, develop and execute OOH static and digital sites at airports environments in particular in Cape Town International Airport (Our stronghold), infused with live activations and social media activations in order to amplify the reach and impact in line with clients’ campaigns objectives.

This strategic omnichannel elements incorporation approach in an airport environment, can only be effectively achieved once the media owner, client, media agency, landlord, production team and data analytics companies are in sync on collective ROIs and KPIs of OOH campaigns, meaning that:

  • Thoughtful consideration of multi-factors goes into positioning and placing of any type of OOH infrastructure within airports precincts.
  • Only utilization of the final unrushed creative that is visually appealing and compelling with concise messaging and innovatively memorable, because the creative can make or break the consumers interactive engagement.
  • Assurance of static sites application precision and in time flighting.
  • Digital sites activations with real-time audience engagement and factual post activation reporting, thus, a need for continuously evolving relative DOOH hardware and new data mining efficient technology.



Mandisi Ads with its airports OOH offering, categorically strengthen the brand value and further confers its prestige perception, and reach affluent and influent audience along the commuter journey driving short-term metrics such as sales and respectively long-term metrics such as brand awareness.

Our OOH inventory is positioned at the following airport precincts:

  • At Domestic departures and Domestic arrivals.
  • At international arrivals.
  • Indoor food court main foyer.
  • Outdoor mobile unconventional billboards.


With the above proliferation of OOH opportunities, we further create a sound commuter / customer journey that zooms into the commuter discovering the brand and initiate a point of sale, this is one approach that allows brands to be very specific with target markets interaction and engagement.

In simple terms, when domestic commuters depart and arrive, your brand is visible to them, when international commuters arrive, your brand is visible to them, when international and domestic arrivals converge at the airport’s lifestyle main foyer, your brand is visible to them, at parking pay points and with airport shuttles, your brand is visible, when they exit the airport, your brand is visible to them, on highways leading to the CBD, your brand is visible to them and subconsciously & consciously  leave a remarkable brand experience in their minds.

This approach with no doubt, reinforces an increased brand visibility, frequency and repetition, leading to the unraveled achievement of impact and reach. 


In order for the OOH industry to prompt a rapid growth trajectory and become 1st priority broadcasting medium to achieve advertisers’ KPIs in a colossally effective, efficient and memorable experience within the traditional OOH and digital ecosystem, all of SA’s authentic and legit media owners, we must be in solid lingua franca tandem when it comes to upholding the credibility of the SA’s OOH ecosystem and unconditionally enforce every media owner to adhere to the industry standards and business conducting decorum.

Even though the transition won’t happen overnight, but eventually, it will. This shall lead to the industry’s exponential growth and become a catalyst for jobs creation and eventually become number one priority ad-spend anchor for all broadcasting mediums in South Africa and foster clients’ paradigm shift from being perceived as a mere afterthought medium to spend on to a key strategic omnichannel utility on all clients advertising monetary expenditure plans.

For Mandisi Ads business relations, email:

Mandisi Maqetuka, a former information technology engineer, now a Chief Director and Founder of Mandisi Ads (Pty) Ltd, and together with my creative team, we continue to beget a sterling and innovative OOH delivery end product to all of our Out of Home fraternity paramount clients.

I am an infinite paragon of business economic transformation in South Africa and currently holding directorship, respectively within the Business Western Cape Board and also within the Black Business Chamber Executive Management.